CAT – Climate Anitrepression Team

Who we are

For many people the mass action of civil disobedience „Ende Gelände“ in 2016 was a great success. But: The action isn‘t quite over: Civil disobedience means breaking the rules. For some, this could mean being in direct conflict with Vattenfall/Leag through civil law and with state repression through criminal law. We ensured everyone who joined in the action what should be a given:

No one will be left alone!

To put this promise into practice, a structure is needed which can be reached anytime and has the knowledge on how to deal with various forms of repression. If you receive post from police, federal prosecutor or court, this structure should be able to support you depending on your needs. It is important that all the people who participated in „Ende Gelände“ 2016 find a contact person they can trust.

That‘s why, at a kick-off meeting in Berlin in September 2016, the following basics of such a structure were lain down:

– there will be an Anti-Repression Structure for the Eastern area of Germany

– The name will be „Climate Antirepression Team“ (CAT)

– The structure will cooperate with AntiRRR (similar Structure for the Rhineland) and other structures in the area

– At the beginning CAT will concentrate on the repression following Ende Gelände 2016

– CAT is independent of the „Ende Gelände“ in 2017


– Some of us are interested in commiting to do Anti-Repression work on a long term basis for many other actions and groups from the climate movement, not only referring to the eastern region of Germany.

– At the moment, we are not many people. We want to grow, to manage Ende Gelände and more. However, we have to remain a structure where people can work together and trust each other.

What does that mean?

– All the people who experienced repression during Ende Gelände 2016 should contact us. The better we know how the state and Vattenfall/LEAG reacts, the better we can help!

– Contact us at: cat (at) nirgendwo (dot) info

– CAT and AntiRRR are happy to receive donations so we can also offer financial support. Please use the bank account of AntiRRR for both structures for the moment. You can find the information on antirrr.blogsport.de